Thank you for your interest in my work.

To locate complete artwork information, please use the “Artists For Conservation” (AFC) website, and proceed with the following steps:

Open the “Artists For Conservation” (AFC) website:

This will take you to my personal AFC home page.  (If interested, you will also find a full biography and Artist’s Statement there.)

If you click on “Artwork”, choose one of the three categories, then “View Artwork”. This will take you to a page that shows thumbnail photos of all artwork I currently have available for sale.

Click on the photo of any piece that interests you, and a page will open with a larger photo of that piece, as well as information that includes the total size of the edition, dimensions, and price.

(* Price shown refers only to the cost for the artwork alone, and does not include sales tax, crating, or shipping costs.)

Limited Edition information:
My artworks are almost exclusively done as limited editions. If you see the piece you are interested in listed on the AFC website, this means that the edition is still open and available for purchase. Once the edition is sold out, the piece will be withdrawn from the AFC site (and if a sculpture, the mold will be destroyed), and no more pieces of this particular piece of art will ever be created.

Payment Information on private sales: Due to the relentless and serious fraudulent scam issues plaguing the art world currently, all checks will need to clear banks before shipment will occur.

Once you have reviewed the online information and are interested in purchasing a particular piece of art, I will be happy to talk with you regarding all details, including production time, methods of payment, and answer any other questions you may have. Please contact me via email at and include your name, phone number, location, and email address. I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Once again, thank you for your interest in my work.


Eva Stanley

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