“Whispers in the Dark” – Eastern Screech Owl


Limited Edition:  30, Dimensions:  7.5″ x 7″ x 3.75″
Silicone Bronze (cast with the lost wax method), Life Size, Acid Patina

The Eastern Screech Owl, shown here in the gray color morph, is one of our smaller US owl species. Being non-migratory, it is always a joy to come across one nestled in a knothole, no matter what time of year!  But you will have to look sharp while out on woodland hikes, as their amazing camouflage makes them almost invisible!

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This bronze wildlife sculpture began as a tupelo woodcarving.

The Eastern Screech Owl, one of our smaller US owl species, is always a joy to come across on woodland hikes, nestled in a knothole.  The Eastern species comes in two color morphs – a beautiful rufous phase, and a gray phase, as shown here,  (Their gray camouflage looks just like the bark of a tree, rendering them virtually invisible).  Screech owls are monogamous and mate for life, and nesting takes place in natural tree cavities or abandoned woodpecker holes. Dinner for these feisty small owls consists of mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, shrews, moles, and bats! Yum!

This little owl has flown off to two shows: the 2007 National Greeley Art Show, in Greeley, Colorado;
plus the 2012 American Women Artists annual Member Show in Tucson, Arizona!

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7.0 × 3.75 × 7.5 in

Dark Acid Patina, Light Acid Patina


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