“Off To A Good Start” – Female Bald Eagle with Trout


Limited Edition:  25, Female Bald Eagle with Rainbow Trout (From “Off To A Good Start”- family of 4)
Silicone Bronze (cast with the lost wax method), Life Size, Acrylic Patina

A Mother’s work is never done!

In the world of Bald Eagles, care and protection are the name of the game in order to have a successful year!

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Bald Eagle Nests

Made of large sticks and lined with moss, grass, plant stalks, lichens, seaweed, sod, and downy feathers.  Bald Eagle nests are reused year after year, with the pair refurbishing and adding to its size each year.   Typically, nests are 4’-6’ wide and 3’ deep, and can weigh up to 1,ooo lbs!   As the years and size progress and the tree ages, the weight can become too much for the tree, and the nest site is eventually lost.  (The largest recorded nest measured 9.5’ wide, 20’ tall, and weighed 3 tons!)  Bald Eagle nests in Alaska are typically built in cottonwood or coniferous trees, along rivers and lakes.


(The birds of this project can be purchased individually or as a family group of 4.  My initial concept was 2 hatchlings in the nest being fed by the female, with the male arriving at the nest with a new catch, but depending on the desired effect, they could be configured differently.  Because of the cost of trying to ship a 3’+ wide nest sculpture to Hawaii, we opted that Na Aina Kai would construct the nest onsite.  If you desire a nest for your birds, I would be happy to work with you to design one for your needs.)

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