“Off To A Good Start” – Bald Eagle Chicks


Limited Edition:  25, Bald Eagle hatchling chicks
Silicone Bronze (cast with the lost wax method), Life Size, Acrylic Patina

Life is Good…

Plenty of food, an attentive and experienced set of parents…
In this nest, at least, these eagle chicks are definitely “Off To A Good Start!”



There is a story behind these two bald eagle chicks.  Most songbirds lay an egg every day or two, until all of their eggs are laid.  When the “clutch” is complete, the parents begin to incubate them, all at the same time.  This causes all of the babies to hatch within a very short time of each other.  But eagles, like all raptors and owls (we’ll leave aside the debate about whether owls are nocturnal raptors), begin incubating as soon as the first egg is laid.  Usually there are 2-3 eggs per nest, laid several days apart.  This means one chick will hatch earlier than the others and be older and stronger than each successive hatchling.  (A hatchling eagle is about the size of a softball.)

In good years, there is enough food for everyone.  The youngest still gets enough to eat and they will all grow strong and survive to fledge (leave the nest) together.  However, in lean years, the strongest and most vocal chick gets most of the food, and the younger ones get weaker and weaker until they starve or are killed by the older chick.  This is the way nature insures that at least one chick will survive.

In this nest, it is a good year for chicks.  The older chick has had his meal, and so with his crop full, he moves off and is distracted as his father approaches the nest with a new meal.  Meanwhile, there is still lots of food for the younger newly hatched chick who, finally getting his turn, is begging to be fed.  In this nest, at least, these chicks are definitely “Off To A Good Start!”

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Number of Chicks

2 Chicks, Older Larger Chick, Younger Smaller Chick


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