Sorry all, but this is an experiment.  I spent way too much of the day fighting with the fact that the WordPress “auto” scheduler refused to send out my last post, TWICE (finally had to do it manually) – supposedly based on the fact that the auto scheduler won’t “send” unless one of you dear readers actually pulls up my site!  They tell me this is the way it ALWAYS works!  How insane is that??  Why do they ask you for a date and time down-to-the-minute, if is takes an outsider to set it off??  It’s like setting the alarm on your phone to wake you up, and hoping someone will call you to make it ring.  This makes absolutely NO sense to me, whatsoever!!

So, having fought with the WP chat person this afternoon (the only way you can talk to WP) with no happy resolve, and then reading about 4 million (not really, just felt like it) plugin infos (and finding out that most are set up that same idiotic way of needing an outside person to set the “send” out), I have installed something that I hope will solve the problem.  It is supposed to check every 15 minutes for things not sent, and then automatically go ahead and sending it out.  We’ll see…

Imagine running a business that depends on their blog posts, and going off on vacation thinking everything was set to run smoothly while you were gone.  And upon your return, finding that hardly any of your posts had posted!  Can’t even find a word to describe this situation that WP seems to think is totally acceptable!

In the meantime, I would LOVE to hear if this crazy issue has plagued you or anyone else you know!  And if so, how you have handled it?  Thanks for hearing me out!

All my best~


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